Retirement Expense Planning Worksheet

Use this retirement expense planning worksheet to secure your future during retirement. Calculating what your future expenses in retirement will be is a vital first step in knowing how much money you need for retirement. There are a lot of uncertainties in retirement, don’t let your annual expected expenses in retirement be one of them.


The worksheet provides:

  • A comprehensive list of expenses people may incur each month.
  • A place to track all your current expenses.
  • A place to populate what you expect your future expenses will be.
  • A “Things to Consider” column to track how expenses may change from now to retirement.
  • A side by side comparison of current verses estimated future expenses.
  • A calculation that turns what your future expenses will actually look with inflation calculated in when you go to retire.


Don’t stop at just populating a worksheet! There is a whole lot to retirement planning. Keep the education going. The earlier you start educating yourself and planning for your retirement, the better prepared you’ll be when the day comes.