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Download the Ultimate Retirement Planning Worksheet

retirement planning worksheet excel

This worksheet for retirement planning can be used to not only track your current expenses, but can help you calculate what your future retirement expenses will be. 

It’s so easy to focus on the present that we tend to overlook the future.  Realistically, after populating the Current Monthly Expenses section for a few months, you will easily be able to populate the Retirement Monthly Expenses section.  

The “Things to Consider” column in this retirement planning worksheet will help you fill in some gaps. 

  • For instance, health care expenses will soar in retirement and should not be underestimated.
  • However, other expenses like dining out will likely decrease.

It’s important to evaluate how your expenses will change in retirement, so you can plan accordingly.

Once you are able to populate the Retirement Monthly Expenses section with realistic numbers, a simple calculation will convert that into the total amount of money you can expect to need during retirement.  This worksheet for retirement planning makes calculating your retirement number easy.

Understanding what your future expenses in retirement will look like is a vital first step in knowing how much money you need for retirement. There are a lot of uncertainties in retirement, don’t let your annual expected expenses in retirement be one of them.

retirement planning worksheet excel

You’ll never have to guess how much money you need to be saving for retirement again.

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