The Ultimate Life Hack Guide To Getting An Amazing Workout At Home

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Getting a great workout in your house is the ultimate life hack for numerous reasons. First, it’s good for your budget.  There will be no reoccurring costs with an at home gym like there is with a gym membership.

You will buy equipment for your home gym once and that’s it.  This means extra cash in your pocket if you are currently paying for a gym membership.

The second life hack a home workout provides over a gym membership is the time savings.  You are likely spending a fair amount of extra time going to the gym.

Third, there’s a convenience factor of being able to work out in you house whenever it’s ideal for you.

Have you ever considered how much money and time the gym is costing you?  Unless you are in the top 1% of Americans, you could probably use more money.  Similarly, the time associated with getting to and from the gym is costly, especially if you’re one of those people who never have enough time.

In today’s busy society it’s all too easy to fall into a routine and not think about the impact it has on your life.  Costs associated with fitness is probably the easiest to lose track of because the release of endorphins you get at the end of a workout make you feel good. 

Exercise is very important and we should all strive to find a way to incorporate it into our lives. However, there has to be a balance between the benefits of exercising and the costs associated with it. 

Hopefully, you can find at least one life hack below that adds value back into your life and makes a home workout easier.  Check out these 6 life hacks for improving your workout routine.

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Why A Good Home Workout Is Better Than A Gym Membership

#1 – A Gym In Your House Puts Extra Cash in Your Pocket

The most obvious cost associated with a gym membership is monetary.  There is often a monthly fee you pay to have a gym membership and access to most if not all the features a fitness center provides. 

The cost saving of a home gym compared to a gym membership can range from $10 to upwards of $100 a month in membership fees. 

If you’re gym is:

  • within 5 minutes of your home or work location
  • cost $10 a month and
  • meets your needs

Then, you are so lucky!  You have hit the sweet spot. 

A gym membership only costing $10 a month isn’t going to fit everyone’s needs.  Make sure you know what you’re gym membership covers and whether or not you’re fully utilizing it

#2 – A Home Workout Is A Great Time Savings Hack

Any deviation from your daily route to get to and from the gym is costing you time.  An extra 5 minute commute each way probably is not a big deal when the gym isn’t crowded.

However, when the gym is crowded it may take you extra time to park and access the gym equipment you want to use. This could easily add another 5-10 minutes of wasted time on your trip to the gym. This wasted time would not exist if you had a gym in your house.

Time is so precious, so don’t waste it. Get a full understanding of how much time a gym membership is sucking from your life and explore other non-monetary costs a gym membership comes with.

Life Hacks To Create a Workout Area In Your Home

This could be a bit challenging for those with small spaces, especially if a large piece of gym equipment is desired.  A bit of creativity can go a long way into making room for a home gym.

First, unless you’re a body builder, you probably don’t need to have a large weight machine with multiple features included.  2 to 3 sets of dumbbells will probably do the job. 

Second, you can get a good cardio workout in through exercise videos.  You don’t have to give up valuable space in your home to a treadmill or elliptical just to get your cardio workout in. 

However, some treadmills, like this one, do give you the option to fold up when you’re not using it.  If you’re really tight on space and prefer a treadmill to exercise videos this will help save space.




Setting up a gym in your house is so easy if you have:

  1. A television or tablet
  2. Enjoy exercise classes
  3. Some basic gym equipment like dumbbells and yoga mat

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to look at some of the fitness videos and streaming options available.

#3 – Free or Cheap Hacks for Home Workout Classes

Fitness DVDs

These days, there are so many at-home exercise video options available that it’s hard to make excuses why you can’t work out at home using them. There are the traditional exercise DVDs you can rent from the library or buy outright. The great part of renting an exercise DVD from the library is you can check it out and determine if it’s what you like first before spending money on it. It also provides variety if you keep the DVD rentals rotating every couple of weeks.

Streaming Fitness Videos

Another option for at-home exercise is through online streaming platforms like Daily Burn. The Daily Burn has cost associated with it but it may be worth it if:

  1. Your gym membership is more than the monthly subscription fee
  2. You only do exercise classes at the gym and
  3. You’re self-motivated

This could be a great option for the right person. Daily Burn is just one of many programs available through online streaming. The right fit is likely available for you.

If you like free and I do, then there are other ways online to get access to fitness courses.

  1. YouTube – With the endless videos you can find on YouTube, there’s some great fitness channels worth checking out.
  2. Netflix – If you have access to a Netflix subscription you can find many fantastic exercise videos on its platform.
  3. Amazon Prime – For those who have Amazon Prime, there are many worthy exercise videos available to check out with your membership.

#4 – Tips for Being Creative With Those Small Spaces in Your House

You do not necessarily have to have a designated spot for your in house gym.  When you’re not exercising, your gym space could serve a different purpose. 

Put that fold-able treadmill in your office, bedroom or guest bedroom and fold it up when you aren’t using it.  Similarly, hide your dumbbells in your closet.

Basements make great gym spaces.  Sure, some are dark and dungeon like but in a pinch most basements will make a fine area for a gym.

If you’re looking to cut additional costs beyond your gym membership, check out these ideas for reducing household expenses.  Learn how one space can be used for multiple purposes and save you some serious money.

Get creative and think outside of the box.  You may surprise yourself with what space you decide can be used for a gym in your house.

Home Workout Essentials

#5 – Basic Gym Equipment Ideas for Your Home Gym

A home gym doesn’t require much.  I suggest starting with these items:

  1. 2 sets of dumbells (one heavy and one light)
  2. yoga mat

From here you can get started with exercise videos and see what other equipment might be useful as you go.

#6 – Ideas to Hack Every Day Items in Your House to Use as Gym Equipment

On a budget?  Don’t be afraid to get creative with what qualifies as at-home gym equipment.  Give these simple hacks a try: 

  1. That coffee table taking up valuable space in your living room may have multiple purposes. You could easily do arm dips with it.
  2. A can a green beans or bag of rice can make an excellent weight. 
  3. Your stairs make an excellent stair climber and make for a great cardio workout.
  4. And if you have carpet or an area rug then you probably don’t need a fancy gym mat for floor exercises.

If you’re looking for gym equipment on the cheap check out thrift stores in your area.  They usually have dumbbells for a few dollars.

A Home Workout Is The Best Fitness Life Hack

I hope you can see how a good home workout plan is the ultimate life hack.  There is significant financial savings and time that can be saved working out at home verses a gym.  Plus, it’s easy and convenient.

There is no better time like the present to find the perfect small space in your house and  turn it into a gym.  Start setting it up today. 

Clearly, there is no reason why you can make working out at home successful.

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