Grocery Cashback Apps That Unlock Savings

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Grocery cashback apps are the new, modern day version of a paper coupon but are way better. If you want to save a little extra on groceries and are tired of clipping coupons, check out some of these top grocery cashback apps. The days of using scissors to cut out pieces of paper to save $0.50 are gone. 

There are a variety of grocery cashback apps you can download on your smartphone to save money on groceries, toiletries and more. Many grocery cashback apps have been around for years and others are just getting started. 

Ibotta Goes Beyond the Standard Grocery Cashback App

My most trusted grocery cashback app is Ibotta.  I have been a member of Ibotta’s since May 2016. Admittedly, I fall off the cashback app wagon sometimes.

However, when I stay focused I can easily save $50 a month using this app.  A fair amount of that has come from bonuses and alcohol purchases. They are regular bonus offers for extra cash if you redeem a certain number of rebates within a certain time frame.  

The best store to earn cashback from is Walmart.  I highly recommend this app to anyone who shops there frequently. 

My husband and I go grocery shopping together so while he’s driving the car, I’m busy flipping through the current Walmart offers on Ibotta before we get to the store. This app requires a bit of work as you have to search for grocery items with cashback offers, but over time you find a groove which speeds up the process.

In addition to grocery cashback rebates, you can get a set percentage in cashback when you register your credit card at places like AMC Theaters and Gap. Note: to get the cashback it does require you to use Ibotta’s app at the store.  

Ibotta’s customer service is solid. They have always fixed the few cashback issues I’ve had. All I’ve had to do was send an email with a copy of my receipt and state what cash back item was missing.

Depending on how busy they are it may take a little while for them to work through. Rest assured though, they’ll send you updates on their progress.

Redemption levels for gift cards start at $20 and there is a wide range of stores to receive gift cards to ranging from Amazon to Starbucks. I cannot recommend checking out Ibotta’s cashback app enough!

Fetch – A Newer Grocery Cashback App

My newest favorite grocery cashback app is Fetch.  It’s easy to use and only requires 30 seconds of your time after each trip to the grocery store. 

Literally all you have to do is open the app and take a picture of your receipt.  The app will look to see what rebate options they currently have available for the items you bought and apply it to your account.  It can’t get much easier than that. 

Even better, the app provides a list of similar items you could get cash back on your next visit if you purchase those instead. 

You can redeem as little as $3 at a time which I earned in bonuses the first week I used it.  Bonuses are a great way to earn extra money and are easy to see when you open the app. 

I’m going to keep using it since it’s easy as pie and I’ll make at least $0.10 per receipt, not much but every little bit counts.

Checkout 51 – A Solid Grocery Cashback App

Checkout 51 has a solid grocery cashback app.  They have lots of rebates.  In the year I used it on a regular basis I saved about $200 on items I would have bought anyways.  

The best part of their app is they will send you a check once your balance hits $20. This is nice as many cashback apps make you pick a gift card from a select group of stores.  

Managing multiple cashback apps can be challenging but rewarding. Checkout 51 cashback rebates can overlap cashback rebates on Ibotta or Fetch. That means double the savings. Checkout 51 is a great supplement to use with Ibotta and Fetch.

KrazyCouponLady App

An app that I use frequently which isn’t solely focused on grocery savings is KrazyCouponLady.  This is an amazing app that has lots of users willing to share the great deals they score.  The app post deals for Walmart, Meijers, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Publix and a whole lot more.  This collective knowledge can save you some serious money.  

They post the best weekly sales at many of these stores.  They also post where to find rebates or coupons on many items.  This is a great place to learn about rebates being offered on one item on different apps for greater savings potential. I highly recommend checking out this app.

A Word of Caution on Cashback Apps

You do need to be careful on some of the newer cashback apps.  An app may have been developed strictly as a new business venture and not all business ventures succeed. 

I used an alcohol rebates app for a few months and racked up $10 in cashback rebates. Then poof, they disappeared.  Truth be told, I had no idea how I was ever going to make it to their $20 minimum redemption amount since their rebate options were so limited.  That may be a dooms day sign to watch for in other apps. 

I was sad when my $10 disappeared into the night.  Ibotta and Checkout 51 have been around for a few years and Ibotta seems to be constantly developing and expanding their offers.  You probably don’t have to worry about them disappearing.  Fetch is still too new for me to say.

Using Grocery Cashback Apps

One thing I have noticed, is an app will often have the same rebates repeated frequently on their platform.  Checkout 51 may be gold for the right person who uses a rebate Checkout 51 frequently replenishes.

If you are new to grocery saving apps, I suggest downloading one to start.  Play around with the one app for a month. After you are familiar with how it works and the types of rebates it offers , download another one.  Slowly, over time, start downloading more apps and fooling around with those.  You will start to see a pattern on which apps work best for you and the items you buy most frequently.

Explore Other Grocery Savings Ideas

The savings associated with these apps may not be as profound as the savings you can achieve by shopping smarter or by finding substitutes for grocery items not on sale but every little bit counts.  It feels so good when I can use a $25 gift card from Ibotta to pay less for my weekly grocery shopping. 

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