Navigating Personal Finance Goals with Kids

The larger your family, the more challenging it can be to reach your financial goals.  The key is to find the right balance between spending money and saving money wisely on your children’s futures.

You want to make sure to invest in the right learning resources to help your child’s mind grow.  While at the same time, you want to save money for their college education.

Let’s explore how to nurture your children and guide them to be money savvy adults, without breaking the bank.

kids saving money

How to Save Money as a Teen or College Student

Learning how to save money as a teen or college student is a worth while endeavor. You see, saving money is a skill, much like riding a bicycle. Anyone can be taught to save money.  Read More.

teen money saving tips

The Best Gift Guide on Educational Toys for Kids

As a mom who is dedicated to continuously challenging the abilities of my two young boys, I have explored many educational toys for kids over the past several years. There are some truly great toys, games, books and other resources available to help your preschooler, kindergartner and even older children grow.  Read More.

educational learning toys for kids

25 Great Activities for Kids At Home That Are Free and Fun

It is not always easy coming up with activities for kids at home, especially when it’s unexpected.  Whether you’re gearing up for a no spend weekend or you’ve found yourself stranded with nothing to do, there are lots of fun activities for your kids to do at home.  Read More.

at home activities for kids