19 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for this Holiday Season

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Are you looking for some simple and easy DIY Christmas gifts? The following lists of cheap homemade Christmas gifts make great gifts for Christmas or any holiday. 

Many of these simple DIY Christmas gifts are inexpensive and several elements for them can be found either at a simple thrift store or craft store in your area.  All these items need is a little TLC and your personal stamp.

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easy diy christmas gifts

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Household Gift Ideas

These every day household items make great last minute easy DIY Christmas gifts.  Turn anything from a grill brush to a picture frame into simple DIY Christmas gifts with a personalized touch.

#1 – Stencil household items

You can literally stencil just about anything.  All you need are stencils, an oil-based Sharpie paint market and the item.  Items you can stencil range from hand mitts, wine glasses, beer glasses, picture frames, vases, measuring cups, grill brushes, etc.

#2 – Etched glass

Similar to using stencils to decorate an item, you can etch household glass items.  You will need etch cream and possibly a paint brush, stickers or stencils. 

If you plan on etching the entire item, you will want to use stickers to cover the part of the glass that won’t be etched.  If you want to etch a part of the glass, then you will want stencils.  A few home goods that are perfect for etching are glass casserole dishes (you could etch the family name), wine glasses and beer glasses.

#3 – Frame an item or object from a memorable moment with someone. 

This could be a pressed rose from a romantic evening with your other half or tickets to a favorite show you saw with grandma.  If you’ve taken a special vacation with someone you could frame a picture of the town or city you visited together.

easy diy christmas gifts

#4 – Glass gem magnets

These are easy and fun to make.  Plus, who couldn’t use a few simple, yet creative magnets for their fridge?  Use will need clear glass gems, creative and fun paper sheets, magnets and a glue gun.

#5 – Fabric clip boards

Do you know someone who likes to write down little reminder notes?  Then, this could be the perfect gift for them. 

All you need is an old picture frame where the glass has been removed, a fabric sheet, a bit of glue, some clips and poof, you have an easy gift for someone.  This is one of those perfect DIY last minute Christmas gifts.

#6 – Decorate a coffee mug

Any true coffee lover can never have enough mugs.  But how many of them have been hand selected and decorated with them in mind?  You could use paints, stencils, sharpies, etc. to spruce up a simple mug.  This makes for a thoughtful, yet inexpensive gift.

cheap homemade christmas gifts

# 7 – Highlight a favorite recipe

Are you known for one of your recipes and know someone who loves cooking?  If so, writing out the recipe on a cutting board or large decorative plate that could be displayed in a kitchen makes a great gift for any holiday.

#8 – Box of family recipes

This gift is perfect for young adults or those who have just discovered a love of cooking.  Grab a pack of large index cards and start writing out the recipes to the dishes you know they love, especially the ones you make. 

Place these recipe cards in a nice little recipe box. Also, in order to prevent too much wear and tear over the years, you could consider laminating the index cards too.   

My mother-in-law made me one of these when I was in the early 20s.  I thought it was the most thoughtful gift.  Some recipes have to be handwritten to feel special.

#9 – Mini Zen Garden

Who couldn’t use a little green in their life in the days following Christmas?  For many, January can be cold and dreary. 

A little Zen garden could be just the thing that brightens their day until the weather warms up. Buy a kit and set the garden up for them.


#10 – Teacup candles

Venture over to your local thrift store and grab a few decorative teacups.  Then, go grab some wax, scented oils, and wicks from the local dollar store.  Melt the wax, mix in the scented oil, set the wick in the teacup, and then pour the melted wax into the teacup to set.  Now, you’re very practical gift is ready.

#11 – Pillows

Hand-sewn pillows can add a fun splash to an otherwise dull home.  You could use geometric patterns, solid bright colors, sport logos, a monogram letter, etc.  There are so many options available.  Pillows are a sensible gift that nearly everyone can appreciate.

last minute easy diy christmas gifts

# 12 – Warming pillows

Do you know someone who’s constantly complaining about back or neck pain?  If you do, then a DIY warming pillow could be the perfect gift for them.  Depending on your sewing skills, you could make a simple rectangular shaped pillow or a curved one to go around the neck. 

Easy and Simple DIY Food Gift Ideas

Food lovers unite!  If you know a “foodie”, then make sure to check out these cheap homemade Christmas gifts.

#13 – Premade snack jars

A good snack mix makes for an easy and simple gift.  My aunt makes a snack mix with oyster crackers and a garlic salt every Christmas and gives everyone a jar full as a parting gift.  Oh, it’s so good! 

A couple other ideas are a Chex mix and puppy chow. An extra nice touch is a decorated storage container.

#14 – A gingerbread house kit

Gingerbread houses are synonymous with Christmas.  While this may not be the ideal gift for someone you won’t actually see until Christmas it, it’s a good idea for someone you might see the week before.  Especially, if they are hosting a big Christmas meal or have kids that will be eager to help.

# 15 – Peppermint Bark

These delicious treats only require a few ingredients and take less than 1 hour to make from start to finish.  That is what I call a simple and easy DIY gift.  You can break the bark into small pieces and place them in a nicely decorated plastic gift bag.

Additional Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

The possibilities are endless for cheap homemade Christmas gifts.  Here are a few more ideas to get you started.

#16 – Handmade jewelry

When done right, this gift can be treasured and enjoyed for a lifetime.  You could make necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.  The possibilities are endless.

#17 – Hand-sewn sunglasses case

I would love it if someone made me one of these.  I’m always shoving my sunglasses inside my purse and hoping something doesn’t scratch them.  This is an ideal gift for someone who buys fashionable sunglasses at a discounted price where a case wouldn’t be part of the sale. 

#18 – Bath Salts

Another super easy DIY gift that any bath lover would enjoy.  All you need is Epsom salt, coarse grain salt, baking soda and essential oil.  Mix these ingredients together and then present them in a nice mason jar.  This makes a great gift for any holiday.

#19 – Gift card holder

If you are giving the gift of cash or a gift card to someone, why not create a fancy gift holder?  The gift holder could even be presented as a gag.  You could hide the gift inside a decorated glass jar that is filled with candy, like M&Ms’s or Skittles, and buried inside is the real gift.  The decorated jar could then be reused to store something as simple as pens and pencils.

I sincerely hope you have found these simple DIY Christmas gifts useful and that at least one has encouraged you to start DIYing. If you liked one or more of these easy DIY Christmas gifts, get started today. Even if Christmas is 6 months away, this celebrated day will sneak up quick.

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