I’m a full time working mom, living in Chicago with her husband and two kids.  I’m one of those glass half full type of people and love learning new things. 

I like to look at obstacles or challenges as an opportunity to make things better.  It’s not always easy to see the positive side of a situation or to find ways to make improvements, but I want to encourage others to do and be their best through sharing my experiences. 

In my life, I have noticed a bit of upfront work will lead to ease and grace in an area that was previously a struggle.  Improving one area of your life will open more time to improving another area of your life and so on until you feel good about your personal situation in life.  It’s time we all push beyond our comfort zones and see how great our lives can be. 

When I started writing articles for this blog, my focus was to improve my financial situation so many of my early articles will focus on how to best optimize your finances.  This was a natural fit for me as my day job is a manager in a financial role. 

Over time, I will start introducing other areas of what makes a person happy and provide tips and suggestions on how to be your best self. 

I can only lay the ground work though, you will have to take the actual steps yourself.  I hope you decide to stick around and grow with me for the betterment of ourselves.